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Consulting Approach


We work as process-oriented consultants, which means that in addition to the transfer and integration of external expertise and resolving of factual issues, we conceive and manage processes that lead to the desired development of the organisation and the people involved. To achieve a sustainable success, we consider it necessary to enable existing internal and external knowledge as well as the strength and the courage to renew. The third dimension, in addition to the professional and social perspective, is the time dimension which is also taken into account and integrated into the process design.


We fulfil our consultative function typically in a role where we are as close as possible to the client’s system to understand it fully. Identifying and understanding the sensitivities and personal goals of the decision makers contributes regularly to the success of our work. On the other hand, we do not bring any ready-made, ‘off-the-shelf’ templates to our consulting mandates or intentions. The successful implementation of the clearly agreed client instruction is the only intention with which we feel compelled to use all our available energy and competence.


The fine line between the right proximity and the correct distance to the client’s system is a key criterion in our understanding of professional consultancy. To do this, we adapt also our consulting style and approach, for example to best meet the different life cycles of individual client’s systems. Start-up companies have different requirements to established business organisations.


Our process-oriented holistic consultation includes, aside from classic quality assurance through project controlling and benefits assessment, also ongoing reflection with the client and the required supervision within the team.