Weltanschauer 126 | © Lupi Spuma




We combine substantive consultancy with organisational development, because only through organisational and individual learning processes in client systems can concepts and measures lead to lasting performance improvements.

This holistic approach requires specialist expertise, implementation experience and an inter-cultural systemic perspective. Standard ‘out-of-the-box’ consulting methods and concepts don’t reach deep enough. All PINUS.TEAM Partners have proven experience from management positions in international companies in addition to solid specialist know-how.

At the heart of our consulting activities are the development of the client organisation and the client’s strategic capabilities. In our processes and projects we especially focus on thinking strategically about competencies and the management thereof. Aside from the facts and the contents, both social and time factors are considered as complementary levels. Our role as the sparring partner for the company’s management and owners therefore requires a certain affinity to the responsible people along with the establishment of mutual trust, as well as having a holistic view of the organisation.


The approach, with which we bring ideas and innovations to our customers, differs significantly from that of larger consulting companies. In the digital age of easy access to information, our open innovation approach pays off. Internationally we search for and find new ideas and methods for our clients, which we check and adapt according to the concept of practical usability. The benefits of a process-oriented consultation with a practical mix of best practice, experiences from a network of relationships, organisational skills and a realistic assessment of feasibility and costs, is highly valued by our clients. In many cases, this leads to the establishment of a long term co-operation.

The ‘Worldview Model’ sculpture series by Ottmar Hörl („Weltanschauungsmodell“ von Ottmar Hörl) travels throughout various locations in host cities enabling the maximum number of people to experience and debate his work.


The artistic concept of Professor Ottmar Hörl invites us to consider and contemplate our worldviews and perceptions. He entices us to question our place here, our culture and ultimately our reason for being. We are also provoked to reconsider our attitudes towards other cultures and to promote better understanding of the business practices that provide our daily livelihood.


The mission of the PINUS.TEAM is to facilitate our clients to ‘See the Big Picture’ and ‘Shape the Future’. Professor Hörl urges us to do just that when contemplating the wealth of intriguing concepts and interpretations presented in his work. In this way his art provides inspiration to family businesses and their owners.