“Every system is perfectly designed to get the result that it does.”

Edward Deming

Organisational Development & Change Management


Within the strategy, the path and the approach for achieving long-term goals are described. All organisational measures and action plans are geared to this overall concept. According to this logic, the uniquely individual shape of the organisation requires a realistic view of the situation on the one hand and a clear picture of the desired future on the other hand. Which structures and processes within the company need adapting depends on the strategic objectives and their implementation in terms of cost, customer or product orientation, flexibility and other such factors. The strategy will only take effect upon the matching and consistent redistribution of resources.


In organisational development, we support our clients in the design of the optimum style of organisation. In addition to the decisions on setup and operational organisation, the structure and business processes are also requirements on the future communication architecture, management structure and management systems, job requirements and necessary infrastructure which must be defined.


The design of the organisation is critical to the success of the strategy implementation and thus an important competitive factor. We help our clients to develop a solution-oriented organisational design and to ensure the necessary interventions for the restructuring of the organisation.