“The person, who wants to buy a company, is interested in nothing else economically other than what that company will provide him in the future.”

Prof. Eugen Schmalenbach, Begründer der Kölner Schule der BWL

Transaction Consulting | M & A


The purchase or sale of companies or divisions is among the strategic measures with which long-term goals are to be achieved and how the company clearly positions itself. Even in medium-sized businesses, structural change due to globalisation and concentration of competition has increasingly made corporate transactions an important subject. Reasons for such a corporate transaction can be the take-over of a competitor, withdrawing from peripheral activities, getting into new markets or attaining new know-how faster, or even necessary liquidation optimisations. An increasingly important trigger in medium-sized businesses is also the process of succession, where often a change of ownership is useful.


The purchase and sale of companies are always special, sometimes even one-off operations where one often cannot fall-back on previous experience. The responsible people make momentous decisions that are usually not reversible. The resulting changes are very fundamental and should be carefully verified and assessed.


We accompany our clients on either the buyer or seller side with our own specialist expertise and experience, as well as with the support of specialised partners. In particular, we contemplate a transaction in connection with the individual client’s system and bring in an independent, external viewpoint. With the balancing of risks and benefits, the development of the M&A strategy and the structuring and planning of the transaction, we take into account also organisational and personnel challenges alongside the professional dimension, in order to avoid blind spots and expensive miscalculations.